Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we have the most frequently asked questions. You can click on the menu to the left to jump to your question.

How do i enter the unlock codes?

Entering the unlock codes can be a bit tricky the first time, that is why we have put together this (Entering the unlock codes) flash slide. Just follow the directions step by step.

How do i find out my IMEI (Nokia)?

To find out your IMEI, just enter *#06# . The phone should show something like:

Serial no. (IMEI)



Another way is to remove the battery of the phone. Underneath it is a sticker with the IMEI number printed on it.

 How to find location of IMEI number

The correct IMEI in this case would be 123456789012347 .

What is a security code? (Nokia)?

A security code is used in Nokia cell phones to restrict access to certain menus to prevent unauthorised individuals from changing certain settings.

What is a security mastercode?

A security mastercode is used by repair shops to bypass the Nokia security code. With the security mastercode you can change the security code.

How does the Wap portal thingy work?

First of all you need to upload something to the portal. A wallpaper or ringtone for example. Then to access the Wap portal you need to have your Wap settings set up correctly. Point your Wap browser to the following site:


The wap site should appear on your cell phone. To get to your file, select the link named "files".

You can watch this Flash slide if you need help finding out how to set up your phone:
Accessing the Wap portal